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A person who thrives in the chaos they create. With no effort they can drive turn people of both sexes crazy for them, leaving lust, destruction and confusion behind them. Their memory will haunt the people they leave behind long after their gone, along with an inexplicable need to get the hellraiser back.

A hellraiser parties hard, teases people like hell but never fully gives in. Doesn't give straight answers about his/her past, but never denies his/her actions. He/she appears to constantly be out of fucks to give and never regrets anything.
-Damn, I'll never forget that little hellraiser!
by elenaki_zou December 22, 2012
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A trouble-seeking, aggressive person, who can -and does- turn any social situation into an argument, and, subsequently, a fight. Used as an adjective or a noun -for stereotyping purposes- this word could apply to any potential troublemaker.

Sometimes the term is applied to people who purposefully pick on other people seeking for a violent reaction, and the term could be exchanged with the word bully.
That dude is a hell raiser, he just stepped into the bar, started picking on random dudes and suddenly there was a massive fight going on.
by April 29, 2011
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The one that raises hell.
John eyes rolled back and the ground opened up


John is a hell raiser.
by anonemestic July 08, 2009
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A sexual position where the man and woman are upside down in the air and suspended by cables. Then you can do pretty much any position you want.
I am still hurting from the hell raiser two moths ago.
by flogniger January 13, 2009
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A person who likes video games but constantly whines that they take up too much time and retire repeatedly. Often claiming that they need to go out with a win or the game is too stressful.
Guys I really need this win, lets go out on top!
by Not Rufus, dummy. September 12, 2004
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