Someone who often lives in a stock cupboard with horrible fashion sense and big glasses. Usually small with even smaller head and scary glasses. Extremely passionate about pink sweaters and checkered, grey skirts.
"I've got Pinhead this afternoon"
by patrick stewart January 24, 2004
reaction to an obtrusive noise(such as buh!): spinning of the head in the direction the noise came from. Usually in the form as a double-take.
That guy went super-pinhead!
by The other Dude October 06, 2004
Pre Press term for an inept sales person
Peter you fucking idiot this job if Rhydio*

*See Rhydio
by Andy and Tony 'Happy to Help' October 14, 2004
someone who likes and/or collects pinball machines.
Look at all those pinballs! he must be a pin head!
by Nano5070 October 10, 2007
1. A person with low intelligence.

2. The badass from most hell raiser movies.

3. A derogatory nickname for person who you have a strong dislike to.

4. A derogatory nickname for someone with a very tiny head.
1. 'You think it's ok to steal from your friends you pinhead?'
2. 'I have such sights to show you - Pinhead, Hellraiser movie'
3. 'Ok Pinhead. I don't like you but you make a fair point'
4. 'Your head is very tiny from now i will call you Pinhead.'
by sudonameunguessable June 24, 2016
Pinhead is used to describe someone who is being such a long head that the word "long head" isn't insulting enough
Look at that pinhead thinking he can attack my clash of clans base
by Wetkid May 23, 2015
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