reaction to an obtrusive noise(such as buh!): spinning of the head in the direction the noise came from. Usually in the form as a double-take.
That guy went super-pinhead!
by The other Dude October 06, 2004
Pre Press term for an inept sales person
Peter you fucking idiot this job if Rhydio*

*See Rhydio
by Andy and Tony 'Happy to Help' October 14, 2004
someone who likes and/or collects pinball machines.
Look at all those pinballs! he must be a pin head!
by Nano5070 October 10, 2007
Pinhead is used to describe someone who is being such a long head that the word "long head" isn't insulting enough
Look at that pinhead thinking he can attack my clash of clans base
by Wetkid May 23, 2015
A rude slang term for people with Microphelia
Jerk: haha stupid pinhead
decent person: Hey! that's a real person, and they have a name!
by Abby12347 November 05, 2014

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