A pinhead is someone who comes from the north of Devon, England, who scrounges off everyone and has no survival instincts.
Look at that pinhead! He needs to sort his life out!
by Trixey Smith August 10, 2009
When you stick a pin through the end of a joint so that you can finish the last little bit - that is a pinhead.
I don't have a roach clip - "That's ok, we'll just make a pinhead".

In the song "Down on the Corner", by CCR, many people think there are drug references in the misunderstood lyrics "You don't need a pinhead, just to hang around, but if you've got a nickel won't you lay your money down".
by C00per November 19, 2007
Sixties expression of drug purity, most specifically methadrine.
Easy on that line Bro. This is pinhead.
by Larry G January 04, 2005
small, very thinly rolled marijuana joint
"we used to smoke little joints, little pinheads"
by matthi January 01, 2005
A person or persons who's head is of abnormally skinny in size like the shape of a pin.
Hey look that guy has a pinhead.
by Eugene October 22, 2003
small skulled, non-linear (like "Zippy the Pinhead"), medically a "microcepahalic"
"Why can't you think logically?Don't be such a pinhead!"
by Bill Griffith March 28, 2003
someone with a very small head
zoe is soooo lovely but she has pinhead, but you gotttta LOVE her
by spadgearoo October 29, 2005

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