Old slang term for pinstripers, practitioners of the old art of pinstriping.

Pinstriping is most often practiced and painted upon hot rods and motorcycles, Pinheads however paint pinstripes on anything they think will look cool with pinstripes, such as Zippo Lighters, coffee cans, old whiskey bottles, and the namesake piece of art, bowling pins (Cool huh?)

Pinheads often gather together and participate in Panel Jams, where Pinheads bring their stripe box and some Plexiglas to pinstripe works of art and trade with their fellow stripers. One of the more well known ones takes place in the middle of March called the Ratfink Reunion, which is located in Manti, UT every year.

Some of the more well known Pinheads include (but are not limited to!) Herb "The Line Doctor" Martinez (arguably the most well known pinhead), Tommy "The Greek" Hrones, Dean Jeffries, Steve Kafka, Von Dutch, Hot Rod, Morkel Snorkel, Tommy "Itchy" Otis, Peter "Preacher" McDermott, Bob Spena (Apprentice to Von Dutch), John Kosmoski (Founder of House of Kolor), Craig Frasier (Inventor of the Slash Stripe), Enamel, Bobbo Dunn (Innovator of the curly type pinstriping technique), Willis Dormer, Jimmy C., Coop, and the Legendary Beam Brothers (Innovators of the Fresno Stripe).

It is unknown who coined the term, though it is agreed that it first appeared in the mid 70's.
Hey guys, did you see all those pinheads at the rod show last night?

Hey Jason, you're a pinhead right? They're having a panel jam downtown at the shop tonight.
by Doubleback Pinstriping February 05, 2012
Top Definition
One who lacks the intelligence of the "normal" sector of the human population; even so cannot handle the most mundane of tasks due to the lack of common sense and intelligence.
Don't screw with my computer you fucking pinhead; you'll break it!!!
by Buck May 09, 2003
Lead cynobite in the horror flick Hellraiser by Clive Barker.
Pinhead will tear your soul apart.
by Nicky_M November 01, 2004
A VERY Dumb or Stupid person not capable of making educated decisions on their own or constantly making mistakes
"Why didn't Billy cash in his lottery ticket before it expired" ? Because he's a fucking "PIN HEAD" that's why !
by JerZ ICE August 26, 2007
1) a stupid person
2) the lead badass from the Hellraiser movies
1)"Ow! I said suck it don't bite it! i want my money back you fuckin pinhead!"

2)When he’s not working Pinhead’s hobbies include acupuncture, Ribiks cube, body piercing and fly fishing with the hooks he shoots out
by MrSlicko July 12, 2009
someone who is clueless and has no idea of what so ever.
pinhead) you are such a pinhead
you're dumb buddy
you're so remedial
by MICK-DOG February 08, 2014
A song written by The Ramones (specifically by Dee Dee Ramone) in 1977 on their "Leave Home" album. The lyric goes: "I don't wanna be a pinhead no more. I just met a nurse that I could go for...D-U-M-B Everyone's accusing me!" The song was inspired by the movie "Freaks" and the comic "Zippy the Pinhead." The word "pinhead," in this context, refers to an outcast/freak/childish character with a cone-shaped head.
"Jo is wearing an outfit that looks different from what everyone else in the school is wearing. What a pinhead."

"Jo's head is pretty pointy at the top. I wonder what it must be like to be a pinhead."

"Gabba Gabba Hey!" - The Ramones
by Tracy Atkins March 23, 2006
The most badass horror villain of all time, he can ruin anybodys shit, even McCleod cant kill pinhead. Nobody will ever kill him.
Nobody can kill Pinhead.....except for channard...but lets not talk about channard...
by Cheesebadger January 09, 2005
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