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A secretly fancy and pretentious area of Miami, Florida. It became a "township" out of nothing about 5 years ago for no apparent reason. This glorious transformation was marked by the razing of the former "peasant" houses that dotted the landscape, and the construction of insane amounts of mansions. Also, they made everyone plant a bunch of trees. Pinecrest is fancier than anyplace else, simply because it is Pinecrest. People in Pinecrest are mandated to end their most pretentious sentences with the phrase "Mmm-yes" to symbolize their elitism.
1) Guy 1: Dude, why are the friggin roads in pinecrest so confusing and squiggly.
Guy 2: To keep the poor people away.

2) Guy: Yes, i'm from pinecrest. You can tell because there's a pond in my aviary.
by Zolem April 16, 2008
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a whorehouse filled with seniors (whoremongers) that scope out freshmen pussy and sometimes gay ass.
Dude, I got a boner during Mrs. Bosstick's presentation.
Dude, you failing seniors at pinecrest need a break.
Pinecrest is a snobby, fake, overly pretentious part of South Miami, populated by rude white people who stick to their "white" enclave of Miami, shop at Whole Foods and pay $8 for a gallon of milk, don't talk to their neighbors and have loud, screaming children called Snotleigh and Bratleigh.
"It's Pinecrest, not East Kendal!".
by JohnLongson July 05, 2010
rich kids think they're ghetto, home of the japs, houses look like hotels,oh most are jews, you either go to palmetto_you think your ghetto, gulliver_you live in those hotels i was talking about, ransom_ummm your rich, any place else well lets say your "special"...
kid: Mom, they just built a new hotel in Pinecrest.
mom: No, honey that's the Goldstein's new home.
by rebecca00 October 05, 2005

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