The word at certain parties that signals the time for everyone present, regardless of gender, to take off their shirt. Occasionally it can be taken further and pants can be removed, as well.
Drunk girl: Pineapple??
Drunk guy: Pineapple!
Everyone in the room: PINEAPPLE!!!
by Mabella December 15, 2011
A white girl who exclusively dates black guys
A:You know that bitch Jane?
B:Yeah. You mean the girl who dates all the black guys?
A:Yeah. She's a total pineapple.
by xcdude February 11, 2011
a jail broken apple iphone or ipod.
yeah, i made my iphone a pineapple this morning. it runs so much better now.
by tehlia February 09, 2011
Nickname for a vagina.
Guy- check out this girls pineapple.
by the terminator1234 October 31, 2009
A fruit; also guys can eat it to make there jizz fruity.
Jordan; Wanna blow me?

Mandee; Only if you eat Pineapple.
by jULS* April 01, 2009
a Hawaiian ho; an island bitch who likes to get lei'd; similar to "coconuts" (a ho who's crazy for the nuts)
Pnur I, first of the pineapples, loves the tally whacker
by madbomb October 02, 2007
Common Synonym for "Niggerfaggot" as made popular by the youtube channel derrickcomedy.
"A synonym please?"-Contestant
"One moment please....."-Judge
"Your Synonym is.... Pineapple"-Judge
by AndNowYouKnow August 22, 2012

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