Common Synonym for "Niggerfaggot" as made popular by the youtube channel derrickcomedy.
"A synonym please?"-Contestant
"One moment please....."-Judge
"Your Synonym is.... Pineapple"-Judge
by AndNowYouKnow August 22, 2012
A word used in a public place, such as work place which deals with customers. The word is said loudly enough in response to seeing/serving a hot guy so your co workers can hear you and then go on to check him out. This word is used because while it is random, it is still less obvious than just saying 'that guy's hot'.
*employee serving a line of customers, when a hot guy proceeds to counter*

Me: Hey, how can I help you today?
Him: Hi, could I please grab a ____?
Me: Sure thing.
Me (loud enough for co workers to hear, while at same glancing at co worker as not to look at customer directly): Pineapple??
Coworker: Pineapple!!
by Artist of sandwiches July 14, 2011
A South-Asian who loves Asians, their media, music, culture and women! ^_^

So, it's like being brown on the outside and yellow on the inside.

Asian Washed brown person basically.

They are rare to find, but can be found if you can figure it out.
I'm a Pineapple fool! Better than those pathetic coconuts and brownies. We're just harder to find, and simply EPIC! =P
by Pineapple for life ^_^ July 07, 2011
A "slang word" used to describe a dumb individual without calling them derogatory or lewd comments that may insult a group of people (such as if I called the dumb individual a n*gger)
Did you see that pineapple run from the cops?
by Dreamer1985 May 01, 2009
1 to hang out, or chill
2 chill, cool
1 Hey, dude do you want to pineapple later?
2 OMG that movie was so freaking pineapple!
by Lydie yeps yeps August 23, 2008
v. To Pineapple

The act of a man ejaculating into a woman's hair, either on purpose or by accident.
After a dry spell, I built up enough pressure to pineapple that slut last night.
by Admiral Poppinfresh August 22, 2010
A Great Kisser.
"Man when i kissed her the other day, she was such a pineapple. So good with her tongue and she really felt me up. I loved it, she's a great kisser!"
by Anonymous12398734 March 13, 2010

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