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To relieve ones self in a sink or basin.
Q, What are you doing?
A, Pineappleing.
by ugand September 03, 2009
A form of group sex involving 3 or more people,at least one being a male. You take a pineapple and cut the top off, and then carve hole in the fruit about the size of your penis. Then, shove the pineapple up the takers asshole and put your penis in the hole in the pineapple. The third person sits under them and licks the anal citrus blood blend that drips out of the takers asshole.
Dude, your mom was pineappleing with two guys the other day.
by 5exb8 May 24, 2011
word used in place of the word sex/sexual activities
Lauren: Would you like to pineapple with me?
Kyle: OK!!!!


Lauren: What were you doing last night?
Liz: I was pineapple-ing with some boy.
by Lauren and Liz November 09, 2006
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