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An economy based on a circular exchange of money where finished goods are consumed and nothing of value is produced.
I'll be taking my half hour lunch break. I have to take the money I made from selling hamburgers to the people working at Walmart and go buy some junk from Walmart. Man, we live in such a circle jerk economy nowadays.
#economy #recession #depression #circle jerk #idiocracy
by alphasniper February 23, 2009
A descriptor for a job that nobody wants to work and someone inevitably gets stuck doing against their will. A reference to the movie Little Nicky when Satan crams a pineapple up Hitler's Bunghole.
The Slurry pit full of hog manure needs cleaned out... Who's going to take the pineapple and clean it up?
#pineapple #the pineapple #pineaple #pinapple #hitler #little nicky
by Alphasniper March 11, 2007
A person overly obsessed with creating and evaluating championship brackets for sports tournaments.
I'm so tired of hearing all of those bracket nerds talk about who they picked for the NCAA.
#bracket #nerd #timewaster #useless #sports
by alphasniper March 23, 2011
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