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Another word for a dumbass
Driving with your kid on your lap and smoking is a serious pinapple move...
by chaz714 July 21, 2006
Buring car on side of road, usually of domestic origins.
Chaz:I heard Joe owed you 30 bones??

Tim: Yea and he ain't paid up, so I turned his Duce and a Quarter into a Detroit Candle!!!
by chaz714 November 16, 2006
Another word for hot ass Asian female, could be broken down to "MSH" for short or between the fellas
Tim: Yo dog, check out that me so horny!!

Chaz: Yea man, I'd hit that!!
by chaz714 November 03, 2006
To shoot the top of someone's head off
Tim: Yo man, I heard Ramone owed you 20 dimes and ain't paid up.

Chaz: Yea, he tried to Punk a brotha, so I gave him a Beretta Sunroof.
by chaz714 March 04, 2008
Crap on the sidewalk, usually of animal nature, but could be Human, also a person who thinks that they are all that, but just are really losers
Oh shit man, I just stepped on a street duce!!

That lame ass ain't nothing but a street duce.
by chaz714 November 02, 2006
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