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refers to pimp like things that are "off the hook"; awesome.
1) DUDE! That is PIMP SHIT!
2) Damn, that _____ is pimp shit yo
by Patricia and Mallory June 01, 2004
High class. "Dope." Better than most.
"Motha Fucka, I got them pimp shit skills!"
by Treble June 17, 2003
The skills of a man to obtain many lady friends for the sole purpose of copulation.
Aww yeea... check my pimp shit, I slept with four different girls last night.
by Shifty Eyed Goat June 18, 2003
1)A slang term for anything a pimp does or a term for things a pimp has to do.
2)A stereotype used as a negative way to insult a pimp.
1) I have to pimp shit if I want some cash.
2) I've had enough of this pimp shit!
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
Something that a pimp would have, or doing something that a pimp would do.
Also something that hurting white boys say a lot.
Those rims are some serious pimp shit.
You fucked those three broads? That's some serious pimp shit.
by Wiseguy June 28, 2003
what the hell is wrong with everybody!? its the hot dog shaped dark brown mushy stuff that comes out of a poorly dressed in everything from pink plaid to light green silks man's butthole. it also makes a distinct splashing sound when it hits the water in, preferably, a toilet. (sometimes in a ho's mouth as punishment for not scorin enough money throughout the night in the ghetto)
pimp: "yo bietch! you got my monay!?"

ho: "i'm sorry rufio! i'll have more than 12 cents after i get a boob job, a facelift, and liposuction."

pimp: "that ain't an excuse bietch! now getcha flobblin ass over heya and take this load of pimp shit!"
by cacaboy June 23, 2003
(n). The poop that comes out of your pee pee hole after you engage in sweet anal baby making with your woman hoe(s)
"I love seeing my pimp shits after a good poop sexin"
by Timmy De April 30, 2006
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