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A winter coat is a beard grown to keep the face warm during cold temperatures. The more manly and grizzly the beard, the more of a winter coat it is.
Note: This dialogue is much funnier if used during spring and summer seasons.

Woman: "and why won't you shave your face you look like a caveman!"

Man: "Bitch! I already told you, it's my fucking winter coat, and I need it!"
by BreezeZilla August 21, 2007
The Clothes Hanger is the act of waking up from a long, usually drunken filled, night bare ass naked. On your trip to the bathroom, or wherever else in the house, you drape your boxers over your morning wood, using it as a clothes hanger. It is an excellent way to show your room mates that you got drunk and got some the night before.
Man 1: "So there I was sittin on the couch, and Ricky walks in and gives me a clothes hanger!"

Man 2: "Nice! That dude's such a character!"
by BreezeZilla August 21, 2007
N. Often used to describe someone who employs prostitutes, or hookers, or bitches.The Pimp will recieve a hefty portion of his bitch's earnings due to the fact he markets her, protects her, and has to put up with her trick-ass-bitch shit. According to legendary Pimp, Archbishop Don Magic Juan, a pimp is a "Player Into Making Progress." What does this mean?/ It means back in the day Pimps got paid, however money was made: Drug dealing, car stealing, breaking and entering, bitch-slapping, thuggin, buggin, mean-muggin, and shoulder shruggin! A true pimp is someone that knows how to get theirs, and don't mind tellin you about it! Also, a pimp knows how to back-hand, with a dip, and split a bitch's lip.
You can be a pimp, without having to go jail for solicting of prostitution. Chuuuuch!!
by BreezeZilla August 21, 2007

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