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Pik - a danish synonym for the english, dick.
often used in ways of abuse, such as naming etc.
He's a fucking dick!!

In dansih:

Han er en fucking pik!!

James: Yo Jane! Wanna go have some fun with my pik?
Jane: Sure James! Anything for your pik!

by njal March 04, 2007
38 21
The danish word for penis
han har en stor pik (Danish)
by CoolstCat August 04, 2008
22 12
A pik is a comb for a the African American's afro. They use this to make their afro larger. There are also other types of piks. A few of them are Cake Cutter, Fan Pik, and a few others. They are not spelled "picks". White people have confused the term's spelling because they are not black, never were black, and never will be black.
DeVaughn: Yo my homie let me use ya pik!!

Cierre: Man here ya go!!
by Porrazzo April 03, 2009
9 17
Slang for stoner or heavy user of pot.
Cate: I'm going out with ricky tonight.
Jess: Um, why do you like him? he's a complete pik.
by MysticPizza January 07, 2006
11 22
very small DoD clan
anyone want to join PiK
by Crispulus October 16, 2003
11 38