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1) Means "Go Fuck Yourself".
Commonly used yiddish term.
2)It can also be taken literally.
It then means "go jerk off".

Mark: Hey babe, have fun last night?
Rachel: HAHA mark,you can Gai tren zich now.
Mark: Guess not.
by MysticPizza January 07, 2006
Yes you guessed it! A weedwacker is a stoner or a user of weed.
I work out with Brice, even though I know he hangs with the weedwackers.
by MysticPizza January 10, 2006
Slang for stoner or heavy user of pot.
Cate: I'm going out with ricky tonight.
Jess: Um, why do you like him? he's a complete pik.
by MysticPizza January 07, 2006
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