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pigu is the Mandarin word for butt. (confirming someone else's def.)

Other fun related words related to "pi"
pi-gu-yen = anus (literally "butt's eye")
da-pi-gu = spank (literally "hit butt")
fang-pi = fart (litterally "let go of the butt")
gou-pi = nonsense or bullshit (literally dog's butt)
chu-ni-de-gou-pi = (my favorite) out of your dog's butt / blow it out your dog's ass

(i = prounounced as "ee" in all above)
She/he's got nice pigu.
by Doctor Foo February 16, 2005
(potentially corrupted) Mandarin Chinese for "ass", often heard on the Joss Whedon show "Firefly".
The stick up your pigu is almost as big as the one he's got.
by Mary Kroll July 04, 2004
Variation of Mandarin Chinese, roughly translating as "rectum", "bunghole" or "asshole" (but not a person who's an asshole.)
"You think you're better than other people!"
"Only the ones I'm better than. And now I'm thinkin' that's the very thing you're placing value on today."
"I place value on the fact that the stick up your pi-gu is about as big as the one Harrow's got."
by Daniel Kirk July 02, 2006
gluteous maximus basically a way to say booty

(in chinese)
Wo ai ni de pi gu

(I love your booty)
by Rutherford D ways May 13, 2006
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