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-A police officer, derived from the word, Pig, another slang term for a cop.
-Used as a derogatory name when talking to one.
Cop- "Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?"
Driver- "No...why pigster?"
by the pigster December 11, 2006
A female hipster, overly large female that sways back and forth blocking the entrance of the establishment and the sidewalk at the same time. Oblivious to the world and rude as hell.
I asked the pigster nicely to move so I could get by and she ignored me, I had to check her like a hockey player
by Lord evil September 10, 2016
A hipster who loves to bacon on everything.
Check out the kid with the shitty mustache eating that bacon sunday.....what a pigster!
by bp131 June 30, 2012
A Non-Cha person or one who exempts the qualities of someone who is against Cha. Also used to describe anyone who is conservative, a police-man, unpopular people, Jesse Edwards, or someone who is lame.
"Jesse Edwards is such a Pigster. Just look at him."

"Yeah that guy in the suit honked his horn at us. What a Pigster."
by digglybrah March 03, 2007
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