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1. a swine
2. derogatory term for a police officer
3. a person who eats excessively
4. a capitalist
5. the meat of a pig, pork
6. an insensitive male, a male chauvinist
7. a fat person
1. My grandpa raises pigs.
2. So then Ian started talking shit to the pigs.
3. He ate the whole pie! What a pig!
4. When the revolution comes the pigs are going to get it.
5. Naw, I don't eat pig.
6. He was staring at my tits the whole time. What a pig!
7. Look at that disgusting pig; he must weigh 400 pounds.
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City; a group of people, usually armed with guns. on their backs it says "Patrol Invest Group". They are very trigger happy in that if you even so much as fire one shot, they return fire nonstop or until you shoot back and kill.
haha, i killed a pig with my car. fucking pigs
by [c0x0r] March 27, 2005
Basketball game that is shorter than horse. It consists of one person making a shot and the other matching it. The first to miss three shots and spell pig losses.
We didn't have enought time to play horse, so we played a game of pig instead
by jason February 12, 2005
A pig is a dirty slut that even though shes ugly you still fuck the ugly little bitch
I got drunk at the bar last night and went home and fucked this pig
by Blake October 28, 2004
A four legged animal that produces all kinds of great meats... ham... bacon... pork roll
Look at that pig.
by Matt January 11, 2004
The M-60 machine gun used in the Vietnam war prone to jamming
Soldier 1: get on the pig
Soldier 2: I can't it's jammed
by Vladimir Kravchenka May 31, 2013
Pop In Guy
Oh that kid who somehow wedges himself into my conversation, ya he's a fucking pig (P.I.G.)

Chick to Dude: Wtf is up with that kid, he literally stalked me and somehow ended up in every conversation

Dude:Ya, He's being a PIG tonight...lets go fuck
by goFuckYOURSELFplease January 18, 2012
paige lajcak
paige lajcak has the nastiest tits ever.
shes loose as shit and has the nose of a pig.
by kittygoesmrowmrow December 18, 2011