An evil, amoral, crude, sexually promiscuous male with no sense of taste, decency, or conscience, no respect for womanhood, and often leaves women with disases and/or kids they deny and refuse to support. This specimen is often observed bragging how much of a playboy, player, or "pimp" he is, but in reality, his absence of morals make alley cats look as though they have standards. Will often engage in sexual practices that would disgust a civilized human being.
You wonder why I've been by myself for all these years. There are no decent, eligible men to be found.
The only ones available are too young, divorced men who'd judge all women by their exes, or worse: pigs who I wouldn't eat for breakfast if they were the last speck of food on the planet!
by Stop the pendulum December 24, 2005
A pig = A pint of lager
Excuse me barman could i have a pig please....
by Alfie_G October 06, 2005
what the criminals call police (derogatory)
hey i was smoking some pot and trying to drug up a hoe when the pig got me
by sean123 August 08, 2005
A police officer. COPS SUCK!!!!! They only ruin your nights.
Here come the pigs, hide the booze
by NAAWP July 31, 2003
a cop, the police, the 5-0
You'd better watch for pigs while you fire up that jibber.
by bobby g. October 22, 2002
Pig is derogatory for white skin police officer. It's ghetto slang to diss a white skin police officer. Figure it out. The color of a pig matches the color of white skin.
Fuck that pig. That white skin police officer has the same skin color as a pig. That's why I call him a pig.
by Mixed Blood January 27, 2013
paige lajcak
paige lajcak has the nastiest tits ever.
shes loose as shit and has the nose of a pig.
by kittygoesmrowmrow December 18, 2011

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