1. a swine
2. derogatory term for a police officer
3. a person who eats excessively
4. a capitalist
5. the meat of a pig, pork
6. an insensitive male, a male chauvinist
7. a fat person
1. My grandpa raises pigs.
2. So then Ian started talking shit to the pigs.
3. He ate the whole pie! What a pig!
4. When the revolution comes the pigs are going to get it.
5. Naw, I don't eat pig.
6. He was staring at my tits the whole time. What a pig!
7. Look at that disgusting pig; he must weigh 400 pounds.
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
Pig is british slang for police.

an amimal.
2 arsonists burned up a building and a pig spotted then.

arsonist#1 Score we burned down a building!
arsonist# 2 oh fuck it's the pigs run.
arsonist#1 the fuckin pigs we are so busted!
Police officer# you are under arest for burnin down the buildin and callin me a pig!
by gunner steve 2 January 19, 2010
A fat person

A cop that may or may not be fat

A greedy Person that may or may not be fat

An animal also reffered to as swine that says oink,usually fat
He so fat he looks like a pig

Do I smell bacon,
No thats the cop walking up to the car

He wont give me no money,
That pig

The pig says oink
by SO DEF June 11, 2009
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City; a group of people, usually armed with guns. on their backs it says "Patrol Invest Group". They are very trigger happy in that if you even so much as fire one shot, they return fire nonstop or until you shoot back and kill.
haha, i killed a pig with my car. fucking pigs
by [c0x0r] March 27, 2005
Term popularized by the Black Panthers in 1967 to refer to police who lived in the suburbs and occupied the inner city like a colonizing army. Accordingly, the associations with greed and capitalism work well in this context. The term gained currency Thanks to Emory Douglas' art.

Now generally used of the police in a negative but not necessarily revolutionary manner.
Off the pig!

All power to the people death to the pigs
by This is how we ball January 19, 2015
Those bastards that can't fly.
Kid: mom, can I have a pony?
Mom: when pigs fly.
by Aflyingpig July 08, 2013

1) A sweaty, pink-skinned animal
2) A police officer
3) A man who likes to yell a lot, beat the shit out of people, and/or jack off to violent things.

4) A person who consumes more doughnuts, pizza ect than salad, fruit ect
5) All of the above
1)The pig is one of the smartest animals in the animal kingdom
2)Some pig pulled me over for smoking weed
3) My girlfriend is in the hospital because some pig beat her up
4) Your brother ate all my muffins. He is such a pig.
5) A pig pulled me over yesterday, beat the shit out of me, and then said he would arrest me if I didn't have sex with him. He was so fat that I nearly suffocated.
by Random Skell March 11, 2010
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