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scatology is the study of shit. this ,of course, would include the smell,taste,and touch, of not only human, but animal shit as well.
hello, I am Joe and I am at freshman at Pinchaloaf University and my major is Scatology.
by baugh July 03, 2004
Scatology is a type of fetish sex. Scatology combines sexual intercourse with defocation. During this process, excrement is eaten, rubbed on various body parts, sniffed, and played with. Also, one sex partners can take turns defocating on eachother in order for erotic pleasure.

Synonym - 'poopsex'
Hey Gary, why the hell are you looking at the gross Scatology porn. Are you into poopsex, you sick mother fucker?
by thedvs01 May 04, 2003
Branch of research dedicated to excrement, and it's effects on the world.

I think thedvs01 has been engaging in to much scatology it is really going to his head!
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
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