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A gay homosexual man who likes the seedier side of sex, often swallowing spunk, piss urine, snot, sweat, armpits, and/or scat. Usually the submissive partner in a gay relationship
Lick my pits, you're such a pig!
by ArcticPup March 13, 2008
a Russian

This is a widely used term in Eastern Europe to describe someone from Russia due to the fact that Russians as people have very little regard for anybody else but themselves. To-date, they have bullied and destroyed many nations and millions of people, have had disrespect for others' traditions, history, and have always thought of themselves better than anybody else (which is bizarre given that half of the country lacks toilets). They will live in an occupied country for decades and not even try to learn the hosts' language. After they drink their behavior becomes even more pig-like.

I am sorry if this is disrespectful to pigs.. but it's the term commonly used for Russians.
-John, I just saw three pigs around the corner drinking vodka and shooting heroin.
-Bring the camera, they should be stabbing each other any minute now and I do not want to miss the show!
by haiduc September 04, 2013
Those bastards that can't fly.
Kid: mom, can I have a pony?
Mom: when pigs fly.
by Aflyingpig July 08, 2013
A title earned upon entering the Marine Corp Scout Sniper School. This is your title before completing the course and becoming a HOG(Hunter Of Gunmen). Meaning: Professionally Instructed Gunman
Sarg - "Today PIG's, you will begin your journey to becoming a HOG."
by JeterInfidel January 10, 2012

1) A sweaty, pink-skinned animal
2) A police officer
3) A man who likes to yell a lot, beat the shit out of people, and/or jack off to violent things.

4) A person who consumes more doughnuts, pizza ect than salad, fruit ect
5) All of the above
1)The pig is one of the smartest animals in the animal kingdom
2)Some pig pulled me over for smoking weed
3) My girlfriend is in the hospital because some pig beat her up
4) Your brother ate all my muffins. He is such a pig.
5) A pig pulled me over yesterday, beat the shit out of me, and then said he would arrest me if I didn't have sex with him. He was so fat that I nearly suffocated.
by Random Skell March 11, 2010
A fat person

A cop that may or may not be fat

A greedy Person that may or may not be fat

An animal also reffered to as swine that says oink,usually fat
He so fat he looks like a pig

Do I smell bacon,
No thats the cop walking up to the car

He wont give me no money,
That pig

The pig says oink
by SO DEF June 11, 2009
How people with dyslexia spell "big"
"What? "PIG Sale Today!" ?"

Dyslexic: "Yea, I messed up now duck my sick!"
by ShmellyEggz March 31, 2009
An evil, amoral, crude, sexually promiscuous male with no sense of taste, decency, or conscience, no respect for womanhood, and often leaves women with disases and/or kids they deny and refuse to support. This specimen is often observed bragging how much of a playboy, player, or "pimp" he is, but in reality, his absence of morals make alley cats look as though they have standards. Will often engage in sexual practices that would disgust a civilized human being.
You wonder why I've been by myself for all these years. There are no decent, eligible men to be found.
The only ones available are too young, divorced men who'd judge all women by their exes, or worse: pigs who I wouldn't eat for breakfast if they were the last speck of food on the planet!
by Stop the pendulum December 24, 2005