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The greatest 40 minutes in Hip-Hop history.
"...I sneak a uzi on the island in my army jacket linin"
by Azurebaijan April 12, 2004
The single coolest kid that wasn't in our crew in MS 51. He did moonsaults and stunners for Hot Dogs.....HALF EATEN hot dogs (No Homo)
"Hey Fat Albert!"
"Give that girl the stunner"
"Would you do it for a hot dog?"
by Azurebaijan February 13, 2005
TITS, Hooters, Titties, Honkers, melons, Boobies, Knockers, Dirty Pillows, Happy sacks, Breasts
"Thats why you got titties..."
"I'ma go to my GIRLFRIEND'S house and suck her titties..."
"I've sucked a girls jiggie..."
"YEAH, I say that ALL the time"
"No you don't bert..."
by Azurebaijan February 13, 2005
The greatest Rapper of all time. He happens to have the Hood On Smash.
"It's the AZU RE BAI JAN..."
"I'm azurebaijan I got the hood on smash..."
by Azurebaijan February 13, 2005
A word used for anything in general. Mostly known for drugs though.
"You smoke that piff?"

"That new sandwich at Mcdonalds is piff."
by Azurebaijan March 28, 2004

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