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Punch in Face

An expression used to show frustration, anger, belittling, or a response for sarcasm.

Other means could include: "Piss in Face" or "Poo in Face"
Person 1 says:
"I just pooped green poo."

Person 2 says:
"pif. I didn't want to know that!"
by Freya Hyang Chun July 29, 2006
11 47
Pif is type of high grade marijuana that is identifiable by its distinct smell and excellent quality. Pif is not a particular strain but usually refers to multiple hazey or skunky strains.
Fuck shitty weed i smoke dat pif.
by DutchMaster420 August 27, 2007
193 76
pif slang for marijuana
pass the pif son i need a puff
by some guy March 04, 2005
126 80
Slang word for a type of marijuana. Its really good.
yo who got dat pif?

what is this? thats the fine shit, pif
by mundodemierda November 26, 2006
73 49
A Prego I'd Fuck - a preganat women who is sexual atractive and one who you would like to have sex with
Bob "Dude! Check out that P.I.F. right there!"

Peter "Yea, I'm alllll over it"

Bob "Get it!"
by Hullu February 20, 2010
7 4
Pay It Forward for someone
Shelly was low on funds, so I pifed it for her.

I can Pif for you this time.
by Super Sifu December 03, 2013
4 2
PIF means "punch in face"
don't ask me to elaborate on that one more time, or else PIF
by Hakoob June 16, 2010
12 19
A word Amber uses when she is sexually frustrated and requiring orfice attention.
I need to be piffed
Someone come pif me
by ITB March 25, 2003
1 8