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Something better than what you got. Food, drugs, people of the opposite sex, people of the same sex, music, cars, etc.
Hey, mine sucks. Can I have a piece of that?
by Pitt Cairn April 26, 2004
1 4
expression meaning to want to have sex with someone.
"Damn! I wamma get piece of that ass!" or "Tonight, I'm gonna get me a piece of that" (as a guy points to a girl)
by Robbie :) April 25, 2004
7 0
A common phrase used when a "Homie" thinks a girl has a fat ass. And would like to insert his penis inside her with rapidly throbbing motion....several times
Daaamn shawwty....lemme get a piece a that.
by Justin April 28, 2004
8 2
A piece of ass, aka wanting to get with someone.
"MM! I'd like to take home a piece of that!"
by Booty April 29, 2004
5 2
Expressive of that which is most desirable in the vicinity, the user exclaiming his or her intention to sample it.
"I'm gonna get me a piece of that ass hangin' off the back of that honey."
by Pecan Pie April 29, 2004
2 1
Expressing a desire to have sexual relations with the person in question.
Damn! She so fine! I GOTS to get me a piece of that!
by Danny Williams April 21, 2004
2 1