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20 definitions by bhb

to get suspended
Fuck man i got flomed for writing MISS LANE HAS BIG TITS ON THE DESK....FUUUUUUCCCKKKK
by bhb September 13, 2003
One sexy bitch from the heart of the riverina
One ranga with tude
Day ummmm it's sophie Lyons
by Bhb June 14, 2014
to fuck a girl from a different nationality
"werd up i heard you kopperd that wog slut" Man id love to kopper ms alves stein
by bhb August 06, 2003
to be stoned while playing sport
man i got the ball and i thought there was a lion chasing me so i ran off the field screaming but i now realise i was tripping on account of me being cuttsed.
by bhb August 16, 2003
to be an extraordinary hot mother
boodles mum is grea
by bhb August 16, 2003
to talk up shit constantly
my cousin is married to matt sing
by bhb August 16, 2003
A fucking fagghot who loves grabbin ass and wanking over boys
man i wilmanned all over those grade 8's
by bhb August 05, 2003