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i pie thats better than pie!
piepie piepie piepie is sooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooood
by Blade the Hedgehog June 21, 2006
33 6
The art of whining, complaining, and bitching while completely annoying you (or others) at the same time.
Why the heck does Shawn have to pie-pie like that when him and his woman get in a fight??

All day Kayla was a big pie-pie when she didn't get her way at work.

by Bella Von Betch March 13, 2009
2 0
A pie within a pie. The inner pie is the same circumference as the outer pie. They're usually hairless. If you're lucky.
thanks for the hairless pie-pie!
by Kattoodle September 17, 2007
2 0
a nicer way to say vagina--like "vajayjay."
John: I heard that Beth has some really good piepie.
by KimKaH November 30, 2008
4 13