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An expression that means the same as "it doesn't matter" or "it makes no difference." Symbolizing little change. You bake a pie, you eat a pie, you have no pie.
Dan, "Hey, didn't you just get gas yesterday?"

Jay, "What are you going to do? Bake a pie, eat a pie."
by Squirrely June 16, 2006
Penthouse crabs are lice. They get their name from crabs, which are mainly found in the pubic region, who migrate, or "move on up" to the head, the "penthouse" of the body.
Did you see Brittney Spears scratching her head on Dateline the other night? It looked like she definately got a case of the penthouse crabs.
by Squirrely June 19, 2006
a guy riding a dirtbike like you wish you could
Carmicheal is looking pretty duane today
by squirrely April 06, 2005

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