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The most famous pickle in the world and star of the facebook fan page "Can this pickle get more fans than Nickelback?" The answer was a resounding yes, as Pickleback surpassed the Canadian trash rock band Nickelback in the early morning of Friday, February 19, 2010 by amassing over 1.4 million fans on just its 16th day in existence. This day shall be known henceforth as Pickleback Day.
Guy 1: "Nickelback is the worst band I have ever heard."
Guy 2: "Anytime I hear Chad Kroeger I get so angry I want to punch a baby in the mouth."
Guy 1: "I don't even like the taste of pickles, but I am a fan of Pickleback because they don't play god awful terrible music."
by sivman17 February 18, 2010
133 51

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A series of two shots, first whiskey (typically Jamesons) followed by a shot of pickle juice/brine.
Bartender! Another round of Picklebacks for my friends!
by DrinkPlanner March 17, 2010
56 7
Reverse cowgirl done anal.
We started missionary, went to doggy, then cowgirl, then I picklebacked her.
by Fireandice April 14, 2011
14 17
When a person drops and entire jar of pickles down the back of someone's shirt.
Dude, why do you smell like pickles?

I got picklebacked last night.
by Veronica Lynn August 21, 2010
4 17