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A phrase associated to Ska.
As in to pick up the beat.
Often heard at ska shows.
Pick It UP! Pick It UP! Pick It Up! Pick It Uuuuuuuuuup!
by Ska Monkey Steve August 20, 2005
A repeated word used in mostly ska lyrics.
I am a romeo
Am a romeo
With no place to go
hey hey hey hey hey hey pickitup pickitup pickitup pickitup
pickitup hey
hey hey hey hey
by Sarah Raymore April 15, 2005
what you say when you let go of a silent fart that you know will stink
The guys and I were watching football when I said, "pick it up". Nobody knew what I was talking until I told everyone I had just dropped ass and they should "pick it up!!!!"
by Steve aka Goldie November 13, 2008

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