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The opposite of "ya rly," yet another possible response to "o rly?."
<TEH_AISE> o rly?
<Guest832> rly
<TEH_AISE> o rly?
<Guest211> ya rly
<TEH_AISE> o rly?
<x62bda02> not rly
by 62bda02 September 09, 2005
84 17
An Internet term mainly used on message boards that is substituted for "Not really."
Star: Are you hungry?
Bing: notrly
by Star Lane December 23, 2005
7 2
meaning not really, used by people too slow to type whole words, also abbreviated to "nt rly".
alternate response to the question "ya rly" which is all too common internet slang.
<question maker> you actually did it
<answerer> ya rly
<questoin maker> bs man
<answerer> not rly (nt rly)
by TVR December 10, 2005
21 28