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A person whose talking and/or texting on a cell phone makes them inconsiderate of the people around them, and careless in their daily routines. Sometimes to a level that endangers themselves and others.
He almost got him by a car by being a phone slave, not looking where he was going while texting in the street.
by LeNair Xavier August 21, 2015
someone who CANNOT ignore a ringing telephone!!
ringing telephone -answer that phone slave !! -said as phone slave is running to answer phone!!

john is a phone slave! i was trying to duck maria, and he hands me the fucking phone!!
by michael foolsley December 05, 2009
A person who works in telecommunications and makes or takes 50+ calls a day. Also known as anyone who works in a call center.
Becky made 2,854,382 calls today and now she's a phone slave to her company. Now she chain smokes and eats donuts to sooth her pain.
by Sassysavvy August 02, 2015
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