someone who cant make their mind up about anything. always indecisive
has she made her mind up yet?

are you kidding? shes a phoebe!
by Lyle Jameson June 18, 2008
Completely and utterly stramoculous.
Wow, Phoebe is just so stramoculous! I sure wish I could be stramoculous like her, but that is of course impossible, because only she can be stramoculous.
by LoveFromAFriend:) February 19, 2011
Phoebe is one of the nicest girls you will ever meet. She will always be by your side and support you through whatever you have going on. Not only is she nice and hilarious but she's also stunning and beautiful.
Damn, i wish i could be a phoebe
by Anddiiiiii June 08, 2015
A friend who is always by your side in hard times.
Oh my friend is a phoebe
by CreativeHL0752 May 28, 2015
The best character on FRIENDS, because she's just the shit.
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you? - Phoebe
by Maze February 15, 2013
The most beautiful, athletic girl you will ever meet. She is smart, funny and awkward but fun to hang out with. She could get all the guys she wants just with her personality. Everybody wants to be like Phoebe. If you friends with a Phoebe count yourself lucky because Phoebes are very rare.
Alex: I wish I could be Phoebe all the guys love her!
Ani: I know me too!
Annie: Me three!
by flowerpower21 October 19, 2014
A stunning girl with lots of personality. She's a girl who you can laugh with or a girl you can laugh at. She's gorgeous and can make anyone laugh. Unique, outgoing and fearless. Agrees to all the dares given to her. She's artistic, talkative and talented. If you ever meet a Phoebe, stay with her. She's amazing
Wish I could be as outgoing as Phoebe
by OnlyTwentyCharacters August 23, 2015

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