phoebe is an amazinggg friend and she is titf skinny & really pretty. she is best friends with a blonde and crunchie. guys love her even though shes a bee with glasses. shes also part ov the slut army! (ofgs guys..)
lovee ya honey
Person1: look at that barbie girl over there
Person2: oh yes, shes such a phoebe
by livingyoung&wild&free September 22, 2011
A phoebe is a on the borderline of being a girl, some consider it male however. A phoebe as an uncontrollable urge to want to referto the internet at all times in the hope of attracting a laugh she will never recieve.
A phoebe relies on un-intelligent humour and a lot of sarcasm to try to inflate her already overly big ego which needs cutting down to size.
"Did you see Phoebe today?"
"Well done you"
by crispywafer January 07, 2013
A slag word to describe a womans period
"I cant, Phoebes here"
by emmmmy12345 June 30, 2012
The biggest slurry to walk the earth. Generally big boobs and blonde, likes to flash and pash. Big whore.
girl1: OMG did you see that girl?
girl2: YESS!!! she had the biggest boobs, must be a phoebe
by saladfingers88 August 06, 2011
Phoebe is the largest asshole you will ever know. How she entices her prey is a question nobody know the answer to. She is a dumb psycho bitch. For short you nickname this demon spawn PB (psycho bitch). She somehow manages to rapture the nicest guys despite her dreadful looks. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WHORE, SHE CAUSES DEPRESSION. Even the merriest group of friends, are at conflict because of this bitch. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
"Hey! You wanna go to that party?"
"I'm out!! i would never purposefully go somewhere where she is"
by scarlet funness January 01, 2013
1.a bee with glasses?


2.a girl that rejects every guy she sees?

Damn, that Phoebe's lookin' pretty chill with her girlfriends after rejecting those three dudes who asked her to prom.
by Benjasfd February 11, 2008
-Absolutely gorgeous just beautiful.
-Loved LOADS by Nathalia.
- A bit too skinny, usually cummed over.

-Good sense of fashion.
-Fucking hot as.
Wow whos everyone masturbation over?

ah, u shithole phoebe. of course.
by nathhhhyy June 18, 2009

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