Once a young girl with her whole life ahead of her, now permanently stuck on Urban Dictionary
Isaac: Hey where's Phoebe?
*muffled screaming from computer as Phoebe tries to escape from her new found internet prison*
The HSC: You are fucked kid
by helpmepls May 25, 2015
A tall, shiny hair lass. Whom listens to bangin toons dat r cray, lyke her!!!!
Dis gurl

Person1- Av u seen dat gurl? (phoebe)
Galioth- Yea i, ay ay as, mate
Person3- Galioth is da cray kid en da hood, but i lyke phoebus yo yo
Person 4(brian) - Last nite we erd phoebus singin sum toons and was gud yer
person 6- shut yer face brian you don't even know phoebe
person 7- phoebe phoebe phoebe
goliath- as we enter the new age. the concept of phoebe, and everything she stands for, will help guide and support us as we face a new age of uncertain futures and confusion about the nature of truth. But even throughout these troublesome and irritating times of youth- and new technology that can be used against us. We must learn to consult Phoebe, and the Phoebus logic and ways to help us become stong, as one, one together- renewed against it all.


the meaning and the true truth, we love our saviour the phoebe. She is OUR SALVATION. ONE FOR PHOEBE.
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by PHHHHHHE August 28, 2014
A severely strange girl with blond hair who often fantasises about band members and badgers gonads. She has allot of problems and doesn't always do so well with thinking. She often thinks about licking weird things like tortoise bellies and never seems to stop talking about it.
"what a really weird conversation with that girl"

"yeah she's definitely a phoebe"
by DocTruth November 07, 2013
Dark, skinny, flat-nosed, flat-chested and short girl with messy hair and ugly teeth but extremely irresistible and addicting
I fell in love with her because she is a Phoebe
by SexyNiggah January 08, 2015
Sexy ass bitch with a lovely set of moobs, she's so grey she'll knock your socks off, everyone wants to be a phoebe, even a phoebe
I want to be a phoebe and rub my face in my moobs while you touch me seductively
by moobie999 March 19, 2013
Phoebe is a word for a person whose very wild in bed and also gets very wet very easily but also is very fun
Woah that girl last night was phoebe
by ringading April 10, 2012
phoebe is an amazinggg friend and she is titf skinny & really pretty. she is best friends with a blonde and crunchie. guys love her even though shes a bee with glasses. shes also part ov the slut army! (ofgs guys..)
lovee ya honey
Person1: look at that barbie girl over there
Person2: oh yes, shes such a phoebe
by livingyoung&wild&free September 22, 2011

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