A beautiful girl who makes you smile just looking at her. She has a dazzling smile, and beautiful eyes to match. She is the girl of most guy's dreams and replicates the power like a Greek Goddess.

She is kind, funny, friendly and is perfect to everyone. Everyone loves to hang out with her. She is intelligent and brunette who has amazing features too. She is truly perfect and guys will be lucky to have her; She's one-of-a-kind and guys will fall at their knees to kiss her with soft plump lips. She is truly perfect!
Guy1: Dude, have you seen a Phoebe lately?
Guy2: You know what, I think i could be getting with this girl who seems to be just perfect, I think she could be the Phoebe!
by Antsinyourpants8393 July 25, 2011
sexy, attractive and aprils want to bag her, steph wants to be on her, and christy has phoebe...
chris: man what a root
travis: yeah what a phoebe!
by c.a.s.p.er January 31, 2008
A person who is completely beautiful in every single way imaginable, a human being like no other. With a very good sense of humour and a talented person with a figure to die for, an excellent taste in everything that can be, you can never can too much fun and will never be able to stop loving her, she is in fact one in a billion. She will complete your every desire sexually and emotionally. She is always busy catering for others which proves her absolute love for life and others.

An absolutely amazing person who you will cherish forever & ever, wether she be your first love or your last you will never forget her.
1:"Whoa. Who is she"?


1:"Who is Phoebe"?

2:"Everything anyone could every need"
by YOYraver November 26, 2011
Phoebe, an English name. (Ancient Greek: Φοίβη), meaning;
A friendly and amazing person,

really adorable, beautiful, kind, and very loveable.

Usually has a great energy,
To find a Phoebe is a great achievement, so take care, or lose it.
…………really really really adorable.
1.) “You got a Phoebe in your group! Awesome.”
2.) “Wow, I can’t believe I’m with Phoebe <3. I must be the luckiest guy in the world.”
by thetruth7 November 07, 2011
a hot bitch that every one wants
wow, i want her! but shes a total phoebe
by the-disco-stick-bitch July 03, 2009
Whole lot of fine...Kinda goofy. Somewhat awkward. But most definitely sexy. Looks great in the summer sun. Tan skinned- a kind mocha caramel. Deep, dark, black wavy hair (looks real good after a warm hot shower). Soft touch. Sweet lips. Lost soul. All in all- one hell of a lady.
Yo I know this girl Phoebe. Girl's delicious
by Miguelito su papi April 05, 2010
The sweetest, most gorgeous girl a guy will ever have the incredible luck of coming across. If she's not a part of your present and future, make it so. Quite frankly- life without her is unimaginable. The only one person I personally've let myself care about, infinitely more so than than yes...myself.

One day, reader, I plan on seeing her beautiful smile in person. That day's coming faster than you or I know.
by TheGuyThatPlaysGuitar April 06, 2014
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