-Absolutely gorgeous just beautiful.
-Loved LOADS by Nathalia.
- A bit too skinny, usually cummed over.

-Good sense of fashion.
-Fucking hot as.
Wow whos everyone masturbation over?

ah, u shithole phoebe. of course.
by nathhhhyy June 18, 2009
A girl who has crazy obsessions when it comes to guys in bands. Particualy when it comes to Jared Followill, Alex Turner or Fab Moretti
Woah. You have a real Phoebe with that guy!
by Xanzi November 27, 2008
a brat from ages 3- to possibly the rest of their lives

that may try to act like you (if it does it won't leave you alone.) here are some symptoms to clarify if you are one

1. will have a tantrum if it doesn't get its way
2. will cry to its parent

3. will lie about being hit, smacked, punched etc.
4. parent will indulge into its want

note: if you got 1-4 of any of those you should get over yourself because the world isn't going to break its back for you
Wow I can't believe what a Phoebe Leah is
by Marie Dennan November 22, 2010
A whore. A cheating lying steeze. People are afraid to be mean to her. Shes pretty, but some people dont see it. Boys wanna get with her just to be able to say that they "GOTSOMMEE."
Hey did you see Phoebe cheating on her boyfriend at a party lastnight?" "Yeah man, Don't be a Phoebe
by Lovin Life 1234 September 23, 2010
Phoebes are slut wannabes who are stupid little bitches they think they're hot when really thier face and but is grose usualy tan and brown hair is a really bad friend who randomly ignores people tends to be fat most of the time a rich stuck up whore!
Person # 1: Whos the ugly slut?

Person # 2: Probably a Phoebe.
by Gretchenly August 25, 2010
A seemingly sweet or benign girl on the outside who delights in secretly humiliating the hell out of you in front of her scubby and fugly comrades. She is a sneaky bitch with a Narcissist Complex who sees herself as a hot piece of ass, but is really the local human toilet.
Guy 1: I can't believe she did that.
Guy 2: That's really harsh.
Guy 1: I know, she pulled a Phoebe on me!
by Allegory-Anonymous January 24, 2009
a phoebe is a person that has an uncontrollable urge to masturbate male penis's whenever she feels the need.
i cant believe you gave him a phoebe!
by manjuliewongolpop October 19, 2007

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