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A soon to be defunked Jam band. Never forgotten. RIP PHISH
by mark May 27, 2004
151 116
the best band that will ever exsit...
people that say phish sucks can go fuck themselves...
by phish June 30, 2004
222 150
An unscrupulous method of gathering information from gullable individuals usually with malicious intend against said users.
"I spent the night phishing for passwords and personal information from dumbass chat users..."

by Kokopelli November 19, 2003
180 123
1: a. The name of Trey, Mike, Page, and Jon’s best band (Derived from drummer "Jon Fishman") b. An entity that redefined and livened music during a period of musical depression c. A band that was real, a band that made mistakes in front of thousands of people because they already knew what they were doing, but also didn’t know what was going to happen next, which is not only beyond brave, but is also a vital part of the process of being innovative and original and alive
2: A web term that wasn't very original
Phish played for fun and their fans, and only their fans made them so succesful.

Phish created phans that created Phish.
by myfriendmyfriend May 09, 2006
104 50
a band that produces music that causes no anger like bullshit rap and stupid radio rock.
boy man that phish sure makes good music
by Fee August 27, 2003
164 113
Phish is:

*Music in its purest form.
*The best unkept secret.
*An organic sound.
*The good shit.
*The hardest working band to ever tour.
*The hose.
*Facemelting (see Indiana Jones)
*Musical perfection
"There is nothing more awe-inspiring than Phish improvising live, and getting it right."

"If Beethoven was alive in the 90's, he would most likely have to open for Phish."

"Phish is IT"
by Steve M. Polychronopolous April 23, 2007
78 44
An American band comprised of four members that go beyond writing music, as opposed to current main stream musical acts, but rather compose it in many different complex forms of music. Most compositions leave room for improvisation when preformed live. Thanks to the invention of free thought, they are widely preferred by a variety of people (not just dirty stinky hippies who think they're cool and ultra-liberal yet really only know phish slightly better than fifth grade math). However, they are also despised but many close-minded people who hate the band simply because of their stereotyped fan base (see: Eric Cartman). Although not for everyone, Phish's music will strike an immediate chord with listeners which to some, will sound flat and lost, but to other feels sharp, original and transcendental.
"Some dirty Phish fan tried to sell me junk, I vow to hate everyone associated with the name"

"I could go see forty Phish shows by myself with no mind-altering substances and die happy."
by Normal guy 0404 July 10, 2008
58 33