A newly incarcerated prison member. Older inmates practice the act of "phishing" in which they throw taunts out to newer members in an attempt to break the newbies spirits and fish out the weeklings from the stronger prisoners.

The online community borrowed this term and added it their lexicon with a definition of "Exploiting newer members of an online community by using their naivete to trick them into giving away IP adresses, credit card info, etc."
"We went phishing last night in order to more easily discern which new inmates would put up the least amount of fuss when we tried to elicit oral sex from them (although none of us are actually gay)."

I went phishing last night in order to find users gullible enough to give me their credit card information, so I could buy porn of guys in prison forcing others to give them oral sex (although I am not actually gay).
by darius sunofovich January 05, 2005
Creepy loner guys usually wearing black who think they are the bolocs with women they come to the club alone spend the whole night leanign too close to women who don't want to talk to them and making them smell their BO and bad breath.

often come in the guise of the old guys who seem to think they are still 'down with the kids' and turn up to every gig and react the same to the music regardless of ability or genre before going off to prey again.

creepy guys who lurch in clubs and bars and prey on underage girls with bad chat up lines.

Origin - Hitchin Hertfordshire u.k. 2005
The guy's a phish seriously tell her to steer clear, she'll end up in the boot of a car somewhere wondering what was in her drink.
by yourmotherthepope June 07, 2007
1. An alternate form of "Phat", meaning cool beyong the word "cool"
2. An amazing band.
Dude, you are so phish!
by sheniquea December 20, 2006
A delightful, happy, talented band that provides the soundtrack for amiable patchouli-scented hippies everywhere
"Man, listening to those mandolin solos in Phish's songs completely blows my mind"
by Viddy May 30, 2005
The wrong way to spell "Fish"
-Catholic Private School (3rd Grade)-
Nun; Johnny, spell "FISH"
Johnny: P-H-I-S-H, Fish!
Nun: *SMACK*
by John November 17, 2003
A band that creates music that can only be appreciated under heavy drug use. Songs consist of repeating the same phrases over and over again, and then noodling the same few notes over on a guitar for 10 minutes. Loved by hippies of all ages and hated by everyone else
hippy: hey man turn up the radio phish is on
normal person: Who the hell listens to phish??.....
by Mike121324 August 22, 2007
A contemporary jam band contrived of four musicians, plodding along with guitars, keyboards, drums, bass, and voice, containing "lyrics." Ironically, despite rampant allegations of creative genius, these perpetual noodlers are a regressive bore, with their roots firmly entrenched in the already explored and conquered vein by a forty year old jam band called (the)grateful dead.

If length were the yardstick of musical greatness, these silly men are the Ron Jeremy of jam bandom. Unfortunately for them and their fans, it isn't. Where Grateful Dead were a respectable band charting new musical territory while hitch-hiking the social torrent of the 1960's, Phish are an evolutionary hangover of that scene; an appendix, floating there aimlessly amidst the rest of the musical organism, only to hemorrhage on the unsuspecting college student.

These fans fall into either one of two stereotypes with 98% reliability. (The other two percent, although statistically negligible, are generally people that have errantly meandered into a group of Phish fans, having been the accidental beneficiary of a contact high. They follow the sheep looking for Doritos.

Type A: This Phish fan comes from the bowels of baby-boom parents. There is a strange and disconcerting melange of Benjamins and tie-die, patchouli and birkenstocks. They arrive at college in a Volkswagen Jetta fitted with a ski-rack, and they will smoke mercury (Hg) as long as you remind them that it is "natural." Fronting the failed idealism of "peace, love, and happiness," these people are like a badger in a dishwasher (on) when confronted with actual hardship. Not so loving, indeed. (To witness what a cognizant human being deduces from this mentality, read the lyrics of "Common People" by Pulp).

Type B: This type is equally offensive in odor and candor, however lacks the ability to establish an actual friendship. They want your drugs. Everything else is inconsequential.

Many fans cite grandiose concert performances as another crucial perk of the Phish experience (e.g. hot dog suits and sparkles, sometimes even balloons and disco balls (!). These, of course, are convenient distractions to the painful reality that you are listening to an eighteen minute circle-jerk lubricated with hashish and patchouli (dirt). A Phish show is an Auschwitz of terrible guitar tone and stupidity, albeit with fewer ashes (not by many) and with corpses that move slightly more.

Fact: The lyrics of this music will decrease your I.Q. score 13 points (+/-2). Do not attempt to comprehend Phish "lyrics." Do not confuse these "lyrics" as anything besides the comparable babble of a toddler with a annoying and terminal language disorder.
"Isn't Phish the best band in the..."


by honeybadger May 13, 2008

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