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A contact high occurs when one becomes high when he or she is near someone who is currently under the influence of some sort of illegal drug, even if the person receiving the contact high has not recently taken any drugs.
Amy was high when I saw her. After talking to her for only a few seconds, I got a major contact high.
by d3n4l1 April 05, 2006
Getting high by being around someone who is currently smoking some sort of drug such as weed. From inhaling the smoke you also get high without actually smoking anything.
Raven was smoking pot next to me, and i got a major contact high from it.
by FuckMeOnTheDanceFloor February 28, 2007
The sensation of intoxication one gets from being proximate to someone who is already intoxicated, most often someone who is high on hallucinogenic drugs. This is not necessarily from the second-hand smoke of marijuana, as is often suggested, but moreso it is the feeling of being disconcerted by an intoxicated person's actions, gestures, word usage, perspiration and pupil dilation.
"I saw Jamie at the bar last night, he'd just dropped like 4 hits of acid, he was jumbling his words and his pupils were huge, I got contact high just talking to him."
by darc84 September 08, 2012
When you feel the slight sensation of being high just because you were close to somebody that was or had been high numerous times prior to seeing you.
Oh my gosh, that guy was so high that I got contact high just from being in the same room as him...
by RISxLOVESxMUSIC March 25, 2009
When a person supposedly gets high from the second-hand smoke that results from being in close proximity to people who are smoking drugs-usually weed- without actually participating in the act of smoking

Widely believed to be mythological

"Dude, I got such a good contact high when you guys were hotboxing the car."

"No, you didn' didn't even hit the blunt. You're just a lame ass."
by Joeshittheragman May 02, 2008
A contact high is typically what is referred to when a person who is not smoking an illegal substance is near others who are and becomes high from inhaling the smoke that is in the air. It is, afterall, the inhaling of the drug that causes the high. Smoke does not differntiate between the person actually doing the smoking and those who are nearby not participating. Additionally, the term is now being used to describe other non illegal drug use situations.
If you take a sub-lingual medication and then kiss someone they will be absorbing that medication through their tongue just as you had and result in a contact high. Or the use of larger inhalers used for vasodialation, as in asthma, or the like, can also cause others in the room to have their lungs affected as a result. Not all of the drug, in any of these circumstances, is completely absorbed by the intended user and therefore can and often does affect a bystander.
by Intel Junky August 01, 2007
When one gets an imediate errection when coming into contact with a female.
When Stacy gave me a hug goodbye, i deffinitely got a contact high.
by Fiish132 November 13, 2010
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