Phenomenal Hair Do
God damn! That chick's gotta phenomenal hair do!
by BlackSheep March 14, 2003
a phd mean a pretty huge dick... see its funny....hahhaa PHD
i have a phd. or you can say : in high school my PHD was very useful.
by Skynetceo2032 September 26, 2005
playa hatin degree
dude, shoot, u got a phd
by tylero man November 04, 2003
Playa Hater's Degree.
A gangsta thing.
"Man, that lil' bitch got his Phd, being all up in my shit like that."
by Diego Blunt August 29, 2003
The true definition of phd is...
pimpin',hoggin',and doggin'
as a pimp u have to have a phd, for pimpin',hoggin',and doggin'yooooou beezy.
by Furly Ghost August 14, 2005
Pretty huge dick
Pretty hairy dick
wow, he has a PhD!!
i want his PhD
i wish i had a PhD
by rp_gal April 13, 2005
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