When you go to college or university to get laid you go for a phd, or you're hoping to get a phd.

a phd is "a pussy hunting degree"
"He's not going to uni to study bruv, he's going for a Phd"
by Zak May 12, 2004
Pussy Hogging Dickhead
Ryan got his PhD from cockblocking all of the time.
by Scott March 12, 2004
Pretty Heavy Debt
After you get your PhD, you will forever owe loans to the government.
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
Player hater's degree
Proof that you are an expert at playerhation
Example of a PhD owner:
"Yo bitch, I may be ugly but at least I ain't got no money!"
"Just because he has a fine ass car doesn't mean he's going to drive that bitch!"
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
a doctorate degree given by a certified educational institution, preferably in immunology
Yo, that gangsta's PhD is bling bling.
by GhettoDoc April 03, 2003
Player Hating Dickhead: A term used against somone who is jelous or in general is against someone for being successful
"He was one of those P.H.D motherfuckers, a PLAYA HATIN' DICKHEAD
by Trick November 18, 2003
A abbreviation for Pimpin HOes Daily. Also known as a Player Hater Degree.
I got my PhD fo pimpin hoes daily!
by joey September 26, 2003

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