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(noun) a teenage wiccan who thinks that Wicca is cool, but knows almost nothing about the religion aside from what she read in a few pop culture books on witchcraft--assuming she read them and didn't just make up a religion based on what she saw on television.
"Cassandra thinks she knows everything about witchcraft, but she's just a wicclet."
by Rune February 07, 2004
To kill another person.
Peep sharp man..we're gonna have to ghost him if he keeps talking about us.
by Rune August 05, 2007
the act of drinking excessively on a school night, then going to school hungover the next morning.
i pulled a Josh last night and now i cant concentrate due to my head being split open.
by Rune February 15, 2005
A person that loves to suck on the head of a penis.
That chick is one, mean head hunter.
by Rune June 08, 2003
Acronym for Wiccan in Name Only. Someone who claims to be Wiccan, but seldom (if ever) observes the festival days or performs the appropriate rituals. Such people claim to know everything about Wicca, but in truth know very little about the religion or its practices.
See Wicclet.
"Cassandra claims that she observed the Samhain rituals, but I know for a fact she spent the night at a Halloween party.
She is such a WiNo."
by rune April 01, 2010
A conglomeration of all the ingredients that are in your kitchen at any give time blended into a partially drinkable amorpheus solid form.
Wow this mlak is great!
by rune November 19, 2003
For one to get on their knees and suck on a dick/nutsack.
Bitch, bow tha fuck down to deez nutz!
by Rune June 08, 2003
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