Where two or more adjacent posts on your Facebook wall, from different Facebook friends who don't know each other, reference the same subject when it is not trending.

Also known as Fatebook.
My friend in Germany posted a cool picture of a close-up of a spider's eyes on my Facebook wall, and the very next post was from a friend in California who said that the two things guaranteed to make you revert to a four year old were soap in the eyes, and a spider in the shower with you! How's that for a cool Phasebook!
by MacheteMick May 27, 2011
Top Definition
The typical phase all teenagers go through, where friends will socially whore themselves out to attain the most friends and wall posts. Also known as facebook.
Phasebook: Myspace's hotter sister.
by Matthew Ting September 02, 2007
Duration where people actually enjoy using the social networking site Facebook.
Matt: Hey, did you see that video I posted on Facebook of the guy who was passed out at work wearing a trashbag?

Joe: Naw, man. I'm tired of Phasebook. I'm into Assbook now.
by vrknoise March 19, 2010
The next phase in social networking sites.
A networking site for people who're going through a phase.
Let's hook up on phasebook.
by honkhiam April 21, 2010
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