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A small, pebble sized piece of poo. This problem typically occurs while traveling. For some reason the body alters the crap factory and wants to save the really satisfying dumps for home.
You okay?

Man, I felt like I had to crap but all I could drop were a few lousy poobles. I'm totally plugged.
#poo #pebble #pooble #travel poo #constipation #can't poo #it hurts
by vrknoise January 19, 2009
Duration where people actually enjoy using the social networking site Facebook.
Matt: Hey, did you see that video I posted on Facebook of the guy who was passed out at work wearing a trashbag?

Joe: Naw, man. I'm tired of Phasebook. I'm into Assbook now.
#facebook #phasebook #assbook #phase #ass #face #book
by vrknoise March 19, 2010
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