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A father that's only available to bond with his children over the internet or the iPhone.
My iDad's idea of quality time is to text me from his iPhone once in a while.
by honkhiam July 15, 2010
A high-fiber breakfast cereal eaten mainly by hedge fund speculators and derivatives traders. It's the real breakfast of champions.
I've just had a bowl of credit crunch - now I can sell short all day without stopping to eat!
by honkhiam April 28, 2010
An electronic reading device that can only be used by non-menopausal women. The device will only operate once a month for a period that coincides with a woman's period.
"Oh I just remembered it's that time of month - I better turn on my iPad."
by honkhiam April 22, 2010
The next phase in social networking sites.
A networking site for people who're going through a phase.
Let's hook up on phasebook.
by honkhiam April 21, 2010

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