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1. Assbook (otherwise known as the "booty call social network")is “An online directory that connects people through whom they have hooked up with.” The facebook’s “poke” feature — has been reinvented as “tap that ass” feature. Instead of messages, users receive “booty calls.”
2. Obviously much cooler than Facebook.
There are only seven real females registered on Assbook.
by The Voice of the People!!@#$%^ January 06, 2009
The opposite of Facebook. When you want to remove someone as a friend.
F-U Bob you are now in my AssBook!
by RN001 September 18, 2008
When sitting on your phone, you update you Facebook status without knowing it. (Ass booked, Ass-Booking)
Person 1: "Dude, what the hell is going on with your Facebok status?"

Person 2: "Oh, I must have been Ass-Booking while I was in the DMV."
by Cross194 June 29, 2010

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