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texting while pooping
girl: we've only been dating 2 months, i don't think we're on the level of openly pexting yet

guy: damn. bj?
by essdubz July 07, 2010
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When a male sends a picture of his penis to another person.
Girl 1: "Hey, what you looking at?"

Girl 2: "Oh my god! Jose is pexting me!"

Girl 1: "How's he looking?"

Girl 2: "Not great..."

Jose: "Aycarumba!"
by Luscious JBO April 28, 2011
To text while pooping. As girls don't poop they are unable to pext.
Mark "When did you find out about the party?"
Joe "I was pexting him after a trip to chipotle and he told me."
by Mdog91 October 17, 2011
(v) The act of sending male genitalia to a female via texting.

(n) A text including an image of a male's genetalia. It is usually an unsuccessful attempt to swoon the female into submission by men who don't realize that women find their genitalia completely unattractive.
1. Nate won't stop pexting me at 2am when he's drunk!

2. I've been getting a lot of unwanted pexts lately.
by Chicke December 13, 2013
texting with pictures.
the act of texting somebody "hi" with a picture of you waving would be called pexting.
by roger slate June 16, 2013
1. To text someone pictures of your pets.

2. To respond to a serious text message with an outlandish or silly photo of your pet

3. To use pictures of your pets in text flirting
1. "I was pexting him photos of Noodle dressed up in his bow tie."

2. "She was upset so I pexted her pictures of Blue, my dog, to
Lighten the mood"
by Matmantha September 04, 2014
to consume pink pills and send text messages, typically clonazepam or derivative of opiates.
awww shiiit... that crazy-ass stalker is pexting me again!!!
by big dizzel February 04, 2010

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