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Maker of one of the first and still best 300hp 4 cylinder rally cars.
The Peugeot 206 dominated in the World Rally Championship of 2000
by Brian June 17, 2003
French car manufacturer currently dominating some rally events.
Dirt cheap cars to thrash on the school run.
by Gumba Gumba April 04, 2004
A Car Company Specialising In Cars Which Are Terrible To Own, Electrical Problems From 1990-2006 And Engine Problems From 2006-

Both Peugeots Owned By Me Have Been Absolutely Terrible. I Only Had A Second Because It Was A Replacement For The First.
Look At That Idiot In A Peugeot. Hes Broken Down Again, Can I Help You With Your Peugeot, My Peugeots In The Garage. Can I Have A Lift In Your Vauxhall
by AllHearingAllSeeing August 11, 2011
The car we had in the 80's that never worked.
Our french car broke down again, next time im buying a honda!
by Cityindesert August 04, 2004
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