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Good people that have my respect any day. Any of my fellow Americans who trash talk the UK can go to hell. Likewise for any brit who trash talks Americans. Only uneducated and uninformed people(s) trash other nations people. It's okay to speak out against the government, but the government and people are too separate things. Usually these people who trash talk have never visited the other country, thus they judge their whole opinion on skewed media and television.
Fuck the ignorant assholes from America, UK, and all other countries who try and soil the wonderful ties between all democratic nations. I love all my European ancestors and hope they do the same.
by Cityindesert August 06, 2004
The best fast food in the world, but only found in California, Nevada, and Arizona. In n Out bakes their own bread, cuts fresh lettuce, skins potatoes for fries, and uses meat that is never frozen. The menu is simplistic and has been the same since they opened. In n Out refuses to sell out like all the other fast food chains in the country, thus the quality is unbelievable. The only fast-food joint in the world that makes real food. Also the only fast food worthy of being eaten.
This double double is so good, too bad only people in California, Nevada, and Arizona can enjoy it.
by Cityindesert August 04, 2004
The small fishing village in Sonora Mexico where Arizona State University students go to die from liquor poisoning. Over night, this small village is overrun by thousands of ASU students and is unsightly. Best visited in the winter when nobody is there and is really quiet.
Hey we have a 3 day weekend, let's go to Rocky Point and get wasted off $1.00 long island iced teas!
by Cityindesert August 04, 2004
The car we had in the 80's that never worked.
Our french car broke down again, next time im buying a honda!
by Cityindesert August 04, 2004
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