Short for pervert, but not typically used in as serious a fashion. Usually used to refer to someone who currently has sexual intentions- for example, someone who is flirting with someone else. May also be used in verb form, to perv on (someone), see below.
Mark thinks that girl in the white shorts is totally bangin', I wouldn't be surprised if he pervs on her. What a perv.
#sex #pervert #hit on #flirt #horny
by whitters23 September 20, 2009
a man that likes children but has been labeled by the mass media as a perverted creep.
Trent played with his niece on the playground until a group of women gave him dirty looks like he was a perv and he had to leave.
#pervert #creep #pedophile #rapist #molester
by kingofstone August 26, 2012
Verb--To strongly crave an item/object/person/situation.
Jason perves on that bakery's brownies.
#crave #obsess about #be attracted to #want #admire
by fitsorceress December 12, 2013
A compliment paid by a girl to someone she fancies.
Foxy lady:
Are you looking at my arse again?

Normal guy:

Foxy lady:
You perv.

Normal guy:

Foxy lady:
You know that I'm willing to pay you to shag me, don't you?

Normal guy:
#fancy #sex #attraction #compliment #shag #willing
by isleofwightinsider November 11, 2008
someone who does something perverted and or is saying sexual perv words.
Bob- I like her
Jack- perv

Bob- (touches her leg)
girl- perv
#perv #pervert #pervish #pervs #pervoted
by @MinajPrince November 22, 2011
Perhaps some tenured college professor who teaches English or Psychology who cusses up a storm when He/She is not on campus thinking it's going to make Him/Her sound tough and fit in with the Blue Collar workers they want to hang out with at the sleazy dive bar He/She drinks in.

Perhaps they think the Blue Collar worker looks tough to them.
That sleazey Perv keeps cussing around me and it's as embarrasing as having your dog pee on your friends new white shag carpet.

I know I work as a lumberjack but most of those men are God fearing folks who don't like cussing as it is a waste the time and don't need the filth in their minds from doing so.
#pervert #sleaze #nerd #cheap #rude #monkey #redneck
by LatNerd April 20, 2011
Some awkward idiot who does and thinks things with a sexual nature. Also known as someone you don't really want to meet and/or have a conversation with. Abbreviated form of pervert.
some idiot: she is hot. (insert odd thought here)

what you should think of them: perv!
#pervert #idiot #awkward #pervy #hot
by Miki199717 June 03, 2010
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