Perhaps some tenured college professor who teaches English or Psychology who cusses up a storm when He/She is not in the classroom thinking it's going to make Him/Her sound tough and fit in with the Blue Collar workers they want to hang out with.

Perhaps they think the Blue Collar worker looks tough to them.
That sleazey Perv keeps cussing around me and it's as embarrasing as having your dog pee on your friends new white shag carpet.

I know I work as a lumberjack but most of those men are God fearing folks who don't like cussing as it is a waste the time and don't need the filth in their minds from doing so.
by LatNerd April 20, 2011
(v) What a lurk, such as Ivan, does to everything they come in contact with using their hands, speech, eyes, and solely their presence, forever altering the original virgin context of the world to one of perverted obscenities.
Ivan pervs on everything around him including mannequins, scarves, and physics textbooks.
by music3186 April 11, 2006
an ass that looks,touches, or even thinks about shit like that
guy: girl your ass looks soo fine!!!
girl: u perv!!!!
guy: come over here and let me touch that
by betina February 03, 2008
To hit on or make a pass at someone in a perhaps excessively course way. (Used chiefly in Australia and New Zealand. Almost unknown in the U.S.)
"The guy wouldn't stop perving on me."
by Brian MD September 03, 2005
(v) to go after someone, try/want to hook up with someone
(n) a person performing the act of perving
Whoah, Wad-Phoebes is trying to perv him.
Wad-Phoebes is such a perv.
by Amanda February 23, 2003
To look at profiles in a chatroom.
I don't chat so much, I just go into the rooms to perv the profiles.
by redpunkrox April 23, 2005
A Perfect Excellent Rich Virgin
Hes such a perv man.
by metalmaster November 08, 2007
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